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In this episode Natalie and I introduce ourselves and talk about why we created Sex the Podcast. We have had SO much fun creating this project!

Our intention for our relationship, for this project, and for you is to prove that talking about (and having!) sex doesn’t have to be so darn serious! It gets to be fun, funny, goofy, playful, expansive, and connecting. Every time all the time.

We’re really excited to introduce Sex the Podcast for you. Welcome to episode 0!

The first official episode of Sex the Podcast is launching April 6. Click here to subscribe on iTunes or sign up to your right to be the very first to know when it comes out.

About Sex the Podcast

Natalie Vartanian and Bob Schwenkler are business partners, friends, and creators of Sex the Podcast. They believe that you get to have all the mind blowing, time stopping, universe expanding sex that you want. Exactly how you want to have it. Sex the Podcast is an exploration and owning of our deepest desires. Click here to learn more about Natalie and Bob.

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  • Tim Chief Audio Guy

    I envy you both. A podcast about sex is something I’ve been thinking about lately. You beat me to it and while I am envious, I am also very happy about finding you. I wish you great success in this endeavor. You are doing a wonderful thing.

    • Natalie Vartanian

      I am sure there is plenty of space for the conversation to be had around sex 😉 Who knows, we may have to have you contribute a written piece about your own stories because I know a ton of folks that would love to hear about a married couple who put that much attention into their sex life and how it has enriched their relationship as a result.

  • rock24

    This is an amazing Podcast it is filled with sooo many great insights and genuine conversations. It has been such a great tool in my personal life and I have been sharing it with people that I know because everyone should listen to it and become educated about the freedom in sexuality in such a educated and honest way without judgement! LOVE ITTTT!!!

    • Natalie Vartanian

      Thank you so much for your beautiful feedback and for sharing with your friends. You are speaking to exactly why we wanted to create this, especially the piece about learning and having more of these conversation in a normalized way. So curious what it has been opening up for you? What are some of the things that you are able to apply to your personal life? Xo, Natalie

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