Why It’s Important to Fill Up Your Tank and Prevent Draining Your Relationship

We decided to switch things up for a change and film a video for y’all, as opposed to write a blog post, because spontanaiety is the key to any good relationship!

In this video, we talk about how to notice when your tank is running low, what happens when you are tapped out, why it is so important to fill back up – both for your own sake and the sake of your relationship – and some ways to fill up your tank!

Not going to lie that the past few weeks has been a bit challenging for us in our relationship. Bob has been going through a pretty tough time with anxieties popping up around money and being less solid than he usually is in our relationship.

Usually I (Natalie) look to him to be the guiding force, which is definitely a stretch seeing as most of my life I have been hyper independant. This is one of the things I have loved about our dynamic, I get to lean on someone else for a change.

However as of late that has not been the case, it has been quite the opposite, and it has left me drained – and was taking a serious toll on our relationship.

To hear the rest of this story and find out what to do to prevent the relationship drain from happening in your life, press play below to watch this week’s video.

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