Gender, Menopause, and Erogenous Zones Through the Eyes of a Sex Therapist with Dr. Shannon Chavez

Shannon Chavez

Dr. Shannon Chavez is a nationally recognized expert, therapist, and educator specializing in “all things sexuality” including help for men, women, and couples; the treatment of sexual disorders; sex education for conservative religious and cultural groups; sexual trauma and abuse; and compulsive behaviors surrounding love, romance, and sex.

She is a licensed clinical psychologist in California and Arizona and has a private practice in Los Angeles, California where she works with individuals and couples (both heterosexual and same-sex) to address sexual concerns and build sexual awareness through therapy, coaching, and education.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • New sex trends around gender and sexual identities.
  • How life post-menopause can be a woman’s golden sexual era.
  • Outercourse and how the ENTIRE body is an erogenous zone.

Quotes From This Episode:

  • “Sex isn’t just something you do, a behavior, an activity, it really is who we are.”
  • “100% of people will have sexual concerns. All of us, me, you, everyone, will have a sexual concern at some point in their life.”
  • “[Menopause] is not a time of endings, it’s a time of new beginnings. This is your Golden Era of sex. This is where you can have sex for pleasure, for play, joy. You can really focus on you.”
  • “You can penetrate an armpit if you are curious enough.”


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