Sex in the Mormon Church with Nate Bagley of Loveumentary


Nate Bagley is the creator of The Loveumentary and a founder of Unbox Love. He loves helping people create amazing love in their lives. He loves hearing from his readers. You can reach him at


  • Nate’s journey from a 13 year old boy with deep, disabling shame to a 32 year old man with a healthy, open mindset around sex and sexuality.
  • Get an insider’s look into the challenges – and the beauty – of sexuality within the Mormon culture.
  • How to make your relationship better than it was yesterday – everyday.


  • I never want my kids to have sex with anybody that they can’t talk about having sex with first.

  • That’s part of the beauty of the religion, is that God made us sexual beings, he made sex pleasurable for a reason.

  • Talking about sex is really cool and is something that can only truly benefit a relationship. If you’re able to talk about it and communicate about it and understand that it’s ok to experience pleasure and that we’re built for pleasure.



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