Disabled People Have Sex Too… with Meaghan Ryan Coates

Meaghan Ryan Coates is an artist, actress, spiritual teacher, and Pushcart Prize nominated writer, with cerebral palsy. 

Her latest project, Sexual Being, is a documentary that looks at sexuality and disability, with the aim to break down old paradigms of thought around disability, but markedly, how it relates to romantic and sexual viability. 

She believes that rather than disability being a hindrance- or a selling point, our growth point as a society will be reached when it simply isn’t, “such a big deal.”  Being that the issue is still so taboo, she enjoys being a disabled female with this relaxed attitude, and hopes to inspire others toward a less constricted view of who they are, and what is possible for them.  

Ultimately, her biggest passion is for healing through conscious connection and creativity.


  • Creating an empowered sexuality while living with disability.
  • Assumptions and incorrect judgments around sex, sexuality, and cerebral palsy.
  • The fine line between admiration and pity toward people with disabilities.


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