The Culture of Male Sexuality in Jamaica with Akasha Saunders

Akasha is a “Soulspeaker” – part spiritual healer, part soul liberator, and Co-Founder of the Braveheart Men’s Movement. We are all on a journey of becoming who we are truly are. That is our purpose in life. Akasha’s duty is to walk with you, supporting you with discovering and being your True Self, and experiencing lasting happiness and peace.


  • The Jamaican culture around sex, where it is common for children to start experimenting as young as 5 years old and for men to father children with multiple wives across the country.
  • Akasha’s journey through the cultural expectations of masculine sexuality and how he found his own authentic expression of sex and intimacy.
  • What it’s like being a father and role model around sex and relationship for his young boy.


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