Sex and Relationship Coaching with Natalie and Bob


Sexually Confident Man

The Sexually Confident Man

Since joining forces as a power couple in 2015, Natalie and Bob have been the secret sexual weapon for successful men from all walks of life. They’ve helped former Army Sniper Instructors, Online Marketing Experts, and Corporate Airline Pilots from across 3 continents unlock the next level of joy and confidence in their sex lives and relationships.

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Happy Couple

Coaching for Couples – Reclaim Your Intimacy, Play, and Passion

Natalie and Bob have worked with couples from the US and Europe to help them reclaim the intimacy, passion, and play in their relationships.

We believe that you get to have it all. In EVERY area of your sex life and relationship. We will help you get crystal clear on EXACTLY what you want things to look and feel like, and then we will help you create it.

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I don’t know how to put into words what they do but it’s pure f@#&in love and magic.

If you have anything you want help with regarding relationships and sex, just talk to them. As in right now. Talk to them right now.

–  Ben W.


You model what you encourage your clients to practice.

I watched your video with our daughter, and took the opportunity to explain to her the importance of super open transparent communication. It’s cool to be able to tell her that her dad and I are working with people who practice what they preach so vulnerably and openly. As you model the work to us, your clients, it allows us to model the work to those people who matter most to us as well. Thanks for being so committed to your work and your love to cause that ripple effect to our 8 week old daughter.

–  Laura K.T.R.

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